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From Fender Benders to Carjackings : How Dashcams Can Keep You Protected.

Best in the market, Get the Truth on Your Side: The Importance of Dashcams in Today's World.

Written by BLUEKIP Staff

Millions of people suffer from car accidents yearly, and the consequences can be devastating. From costly repairs to injuries and fatalities, car accidents can have a lasting impact on individuals and families. Furthermore, car accidents can also lead to significant financial burdens, with insurance bills and legal fees piling up quickly.

But one senior has found the answer is as simple as investing in a dashcam for his car. With the rise of technology and advancements in the automotive industry, dashcams have become more accessible and affordable than ever before. And the benefits are undeniable. Not only do they provide a sense of security while driving, but they also have the potential to save drivers thousands of dollars in repair costs, insurance premiums, and legal fees.

John's Close Call: Almost Falling Victim to a Carjacking Scam!

John's experience is a sobering reminder of how vulnerable we can be on the road. As he was driving home one night, he was stopped at a red light and noticed a man standing by the side of the road, waving his arms and yelling for help. John, being a kind-hearted individual, pulled over to offer assistance. As he got out of his car, the man suddenly threw himself in front of John's vehicle, making it look like he had been hit.

In a panic, John got out of his car to check on the man, but before he knew it, two more men appeared out of nowhere and started threatening him. They demanded that he hand over his keys and wallet or else they would call the police and accuse him of running over their friend.

John realized he was the victim of a carjacking scam and quickly remembered the dashcam he had installed in his car. He calmly informed the men that he had evidence of the incident and that he would not hesitate to turn it over to the police. The men, realizing they had been caught, quickly fled the scene.

"I've been driving for over 20 years and never thought I would fall victim to a carjacking scam. But that's exactly what almost happened to me. I was stopped at a red light when suddenly a man jumped in front of my car and started screaming that I hit him. I knew it wasn't true, but he was very convincing and started demanding money to cover his injuries." John Said. 

Thanks to the dashcam, John was able to avoid becoming a victim of this dangerous scam. He was grateful that he had decided to invest in a device that could protect him from such situations. Without it, John may have found himself facing false accusations, expensive legal fees, and even jail time.

The Internet Search That Changed Everything. 

John doesn't remember exactly what he typed in that led him to the answer."It was something like 'Dashcams: Your Ultimate Witness in a Car Accident' he says. Then a few more clicks to other websites, and there was the answer:

"Before I started using a dashcam, I never thought about how it could potentially protect me from something other than an accident. That all changed when I almost got scammed by a criminal who threw himself in front of my car. He claimed I hit him and demanded I pay him thousands of dollars. Thankfully, I started to read at a forum about carjacking Scams, and a bunch of people there were talking about a new product that recently went viral because it worked so well’’  Peter remembers. The product was BLUEKIP™ DASHCAM HD PRO available to the public at a 50% discount, for a limited time only.

"I saw this Dashcam, and at first I didn't think it was relevant, but then I read more, and it started making sense about the importance of having a dashcam in situations like these. I got one and installed it in my car, and I felt a sense of security that I had never felt before. When the criminal tried to pull the same scam again, I had video evidence that proved my innocence, and he eventually gave up and left. I am so grateful for my dashcam and the article that showed me how it could change everything."

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Dash Cams Can Be Silent Witnesses During Police Traffic Stops and Other Incidents.

From personal security to evidence for insurance claims, dashcams can provide peace of mind.

Adam, a 52-year-old, accountant, and runner, always wears a body camera when he's running on trails around New England. And when he's driving, he always has a dash cam recording everything that happens inside and outside of his car.

Adam, who is Black, says he's been racially profiled by the police while he's been behind the wheel. He leaves early for races in case he gets pulled over. Most of the time the police officers cite minor infractions, such as driving too close to the curb, and let him go with a warning. In one case he was pulled over and ticketed for using his cell phone while driving.

"I didn't say a word; I just took the ticket," he says. "Then I went to court and said to the prosecutor, I have the [dash cam] footage to prove I wasn't on my phone.' " Adam had his iPad with the video on it, but the prosecutor decided to drop the charges without even looking at it.

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Does having a dashcam protect you from potential car repair scams?

"Caught on Camera: How a Dashcam Saved Me from Costly Repairs After a Shop's Mistake"

Joseph was driving his manual-transmission Chevy Cobalt when he decided to take it in for an oil change. He left his car at the shop and went running some errands. When he returned, he was told that there had been a minor bump during the service.

However, Joseph was skeptical and decided to check his dashcam footage. To his surprise, he discovered that an employee had left his car in gear and didn't set the brake. When another employee turned the ignition, the car lurched forward, smashing into a toolbox and causing $670 USD in damage.

Joseph immediately contacted the shop owner and showed him the dashcam footage. To his relief, the owner agreed to pay for the damages and was very helpful throughout the entire process.

"I'm so glad I decided to install a dashcam in my car," Joseph said. "It not only saved me from a costly repair bill but also gave me peace of mind knowing that I have evidence in case something like this happens again."

Joseph's experience is a testament to the importance of having a dashcam in your car. It can not only protect you from fraudulent insurance claims but also provide you with valuable evidence in case of accidents or mishaps. Don't wait until it's too late, invest in a dashcam today and drive with confidence -- BLUEKIP™ DASHCAM HD PRO available to the public at a 50% discount, for a limited time only.

Have you ever experienced a close call on the road that left you feeling shaken and vulnerable?

"Saved by the Dashcam: How Dusty's Quick Thinking Exposed a Reckless Truck Driver"

Dusty was driving along one day when he passed a semi-truck. As they both approached an intersection, he assumed the truck driver intended to turn left at the light. Instead, the truck nearly sideswiped Dusty's Peugeot, forcing him to brake hard.

Luckily, Dusty had recently installed a dashcam system in his car. He immediately contacted the company that owned the truck and provided them with the dashcam footage and the driver's information from the side of the truck.

To their credit, the company took immediate action. They fired the driver and even reported the incident to the police, resulting in the driver losing his license for three years. Dusty was relieved that he decided to invest in a high-quality dashcam system.

In Dusty's words, "I never thought I would need a dashcam, but I'm so glad I had it installed. It saved me a lot of hassle and potentially even my life. I encourage anyone who drives to consider investing in a dashcam system for their own safety and protection."

Dusty's experience highlights the importance of having a dashcam in your car. Not only can it provide invaluable evidence in the event of an accident or incident, but it can also help prevent fraudulent insurance claims and hold reckless drivers accountable.

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Real-Life Stories of the BLUEKIP™ Dashcam Success :

"The Bleukip DashCam has saved me a lot of hassle and headache. "I was almost in a situation where I could have been arrested for a carjacking incident, but my dashcam footage saved me. The police were able to see that I was innocent, and I avoided a very scary situation.". 

@ - John S.

"I was hesitant to install a dashcam at first, but I'm so glad I did. A few months ago, a man tried to carjack my vehicle while I was stopped at a red light. Thanks to the Bluekip dashcam footage, the police were able to identify the suspect and recover my car. I'm grateful for my dashcam every day" 

@ - Sarah M.

"The Bluekip DashCam has been a great investment for my delivery business. It helped me keep track of my drivers' routes, delivery times, and behavior on the road. It's also been a valuable tool in resolving any customer disputes or complaints. I highly recommend it to any business owner with a fleet of vehicles."  

@ - Tom W.

Don't wait until it's too late. Protect yourself and your car with the BLUEKIP™ Dashcam HD PRO.

As a responsible driver, you take all precautions to avoid accidents, but sometimes incidents happen beyond your control. That's where Bluekip Dashcam HD PRO comes in handy. 

All of these previous examples demonstrate how Bluekip Dashcam HD PRO can save drivers from legal consequences and potentially thousands of dollars in fines and insurance bills. In addition, several studies have shown that dashcams can help lower insurance premiums. According to a recent study by the Insurance Information Institute, drivers with dashcams installed in their cars can save up to 15% on their insurance premiums.

In conclusion, installing Bluekip Dashcam HD PRO is not only a smart decision for protecting yourself and your car but also a cost-effective investment in the long run. The dashcam can help you avoid legal consequences, false accusations, and potentially save you thousands of dollars in fines and insurance bills. With its superior recording capabilities and affordable price, Bluekip Dashcam HD PRO is a must-have for any responsible driver.

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DashCam Warranty: Comprehensive Coverage for Your Peace of Mind

We stand behind the quality and reliability of our DashCams and offer a comprehensive warranty to give our customers peace of mind. All of our DashCams come with a 60 Days warranty from the date of purchase, which covers any defects in materials and workmanship. In the unlikely event that your DashCam fails due to a manufacturing defect, we will replace or repair it free of charge

The warranty does not cover any damage caused by misuse, abuse, or accidents. To make a warranty claim, please contact our customer service team and provide proof of purchase. We are committed to providing our customers with the highest level of service and support.

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