Key Benefits

Car rides are about to get even more fun with your furry co-pilot when he’s in the BLUEKIP Happy Safety Seat. This irresistibly cozy and comfy Safety seat is designed with soft microsuede and a quilted pad liner—combined with its’ adjustable straps for the armrest —your pup is sure to feel more stable during a car ride, in turn reducing motion sickness. Clip the built-in safety tether onto his harness for added security. Plus, cleaning is quick and easy due to its durable, stain-resistant shell and machine-washable liner.

 This Ultra-Comfy Seat Is Crafted With Soft Microsuede And a Quilted Pad Liner.

 By Attaching The Adjustable Straps To The Armrest, Your Pet Will Have More Stability.

 Pets Will Feel More Secure In The Car With The Built-In Tether.

 Let Your Dog Accompany You In A Position Closer To You 

Satisfies Your Dog’s Natural Urge To Look Out Of The Car, With The Ultra-wide Angle Field Of View 

 Easy To Clean Due To The Stain-Resistant Shell And Machine-Washable Liner.

Easy To Install An Uninstall